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Digital Security for entrepreneurship

In the digital era, your data is essential


That’s why we care as if they were ours, so that you can dedicate yourself to the most important thing: take your business to the next level

Daily, we maintain thousands of safe operations in the cloud. We available 24/7 for advise you in cyber security, compliance, data and cloud operations security

Digital risk is not an issue associated with the size of a company. It’s essential executives consider risk on their agenda to reduce the risk gap.


Our speciality is to continuously implement security measures, identifying and prioritizing the critical weakness that put your reputation and operational continuity in danger.


Everyone needs Security

Start now with a

Digital Security Service

Elemental Digital Security


$ 199 USD / year

The essentials to protect your digital infrastructure

  • Monthly test web vulnerabilities with a simple report that help you to understand and improve your security

  • Unlimited remote digital security adviser and post-attack advisory help

  • Advice on what to do after a security breach affecting your website

Standard Digital Security

$ 299 USD / year

Elemental Service +

  • Periodic security webinars to raise your team's awareness

  • We train your team in secure practices to minimize your security breaches and optimize your growth

Premium Digital Security

$ 599 USD / year

Standard service +

  • Specialized attention in the resolution of tickets

  • Cloud security consulting services

  • Advice on best practices for safe development

Do you have any doubt? write to us and we will help you

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